Domain checker

This tool allows you to easily check if a domain name is available right now or not.

It will check in a few seconds if the .com domain is available for registration or not.
As you probably know, the .com domain extension is the only one you must use to build an authority website.

If the domain you are looking for is available, you can immediately register it with your favorite registrar (GoDaddy for example).

Why are most domain names not available?

Most people are looking for short domain names with a .com extension. That’s why it’s more and more difficult to find a good domain name. There are also many domain brokers who buy many domain names to resell them later at a higher price.

What to do if all the domain names I want are taken?

If you are not ready to pay a premium to get a domain already taken, you need to find similar names that may be available. Try to use adjectives and qualifiers to change the domain name slightly. Remember that dashes are allowed in domain names (if superprettydogs is not available, maybe super-pretty-dogs is).

Our other tool “Domain Name Finder” can help you with this. Type your primary keyword and it will give you a list of available domain name you can register.

How to register a domain name once I find a free one?

As a general rule, you need to go to a domain name registrar to order your domain name. You can choose the one you prefer, it doesn’t matter. Price may be slightly different, so make sure to check on several websites.
Here are a few examples of serious ones:

All of them have hosting solutions if you want to create a website with them.