Paste tool

Save and share your text to anyone with this paste tool.

Use this tool to share logs or configuration files to your team, or keep temporary notes.
Click “Save Text” and share the new URL.
For the moment, pasted texts are never deleted from our database, keep them as long as you need.

What is this tool useful for?

You can use this tool for whatever you want. Personally, I find it’s a great way to share configuration and log files. With that kind of files, indentation and font are essentials, and chat tools are often not keeping it correctly. So, you can use this tool to store your code or configuration file, and only send the link to someone else to check it.

How many pastes can I create?

For the moment there is no limitation, you can create as much link as you need.

Do my pastes stay available forever?

Yes! While the overall usage of this tool stay limited, we don’t need to have rules enforced to limit the pastes or delete them after a few days. So, feel free to use this tool to keep texts for a long time.

Be careful, though, a technical problem can always happen, and we do not guarantee that your texts will never be lost. This service is free, we do our best to ensure its reliability, but it can happen. So, for critical data, prefer using a paid tool or saving your files at several locations.

How can I find my previous pastes?

The only way to access your old pastes is to have the direct link to it. If you lost the link, there is no way to get it back.
If it’s important, you can try to contact us, but there is no guarantee we can find it.