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No matter why, this kind of tool is always useful.
For Twitter messages, blog post titles, etc.
Many things have a maximum number of characters allowed.

Personally, I’m using this tool almost every day to make sure my blog posts titles stay under 60 characters, and that the main answer I give in my tutorials is under 300 characters. But you can also use it for social media, that’s why I include all the limits you need to know on this page.

Characters count limits list

Here are the main character limits you need to consider:

Facebook limits

Facebook Ads headline40 characters
Facebook Ads body text125 characters
Facebook Ads links descriptions30 caracters
Facebook posts63,206 characters (see more after 477 characters)
Facebook usernameBetween 5 and 50 characters
Facebook page description255 characters
Facebook comments8,000 characters

Instagram limits

Instagram Ads headline40 characters
Instragram Ads body text124 caracters
Instagram Ads links descriptions30 characters
Instagram caption2,200 characters (truncated after 125 characters)
Instagram bio150 characters
Instagram username30 characters

Twitter limits

Twitter post280 characters
Twitter DM10,000 characters
Twitter profile name50 characters
Twitter bio160 characters

YouTube limits

YouTube video title100 characters
YouTube video description5,000 characters
YouTube playlist title150 characters
YouTube tags on a video500 characters