Password generator

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This tool generates a password with your custom settings, including real words to be easy to remember.

As you probably know, it’s now highly recommended using a strong password on any website.
A strong password is something with 15 characters or more.
But it may be difficult to remember a long password, this tool will help you to generate “easy to remember” strong passwords.

What is an example of a strong password?

A good strong password is long and easy to remember. If it’s possible to add a variation of uppercase, lowercase and digits as well as special characters, it’s even better, but not mandatory. Try to avoid words that someone knowing you or seeing you public profiles can guess (for example, avoid birthdate, kids names, etc.).

  • Create a passphrase with at least 15 characters
  • Try to add special characters and digits in your password
  • Don’t note it anywhere, you need to remember it easily


  • ILovePizzaWithAnan@s!
  • Blue-Australia-Matrix-2021
  • ThisPasswordIsF*ckingGood

How to remember a strong password?

By following the previous guidelines, it should be pretty easy to remember them. But it’s recommended to use a different password on each website, so it might be a bit complicated to remember all of them.
One option is to use a password manager, like LastPass, that is free. It’s supposed to be a pretty safe option as your passwords aren’t stored in plain text, they are encrypted with your master password.

But if you don’t trust that kind of solution, you can also try to be more creative. For example, you can include a part of the website name in your password. But don’t do something like ‘mypasswordforamazon’, because a hacker will guess the passwords on other websites. Use initiales, or even better a related word.
Examples: ‘yourpassword-an’ (first and last letter), ‘yourpassword-nil’ (a word that comes to mind when thinking about Amazon), etc.